you know how much i looove ann coulter, so i was just pleased as punch to visit this site... i highly recommend it for the gentlemen (not at work, please). the ladies might find it a tad ribald.

also, for the strong of heart (and stomach), please visit
this site and tell me if you really think this is jenna bush's.... whatnot. the jokes pretty much write themselves.


Anonymous said...

hearing about her hungry asshole really puts a girl in the mood.

good find & nice blog, R!

neilio said...

Never. Laughed. Harder. Ever.

I hate that woman. And my calling her a "woman" is me being charitable.

Peter said...

why come nobody comment on jenna bush's bush yet? well, i'm pie-curious. i'm watching 'fog of war' right now, reading great ann coulter 'fiction,' and look and the first daughter's slice on the internet. that's some political shiite, right there!

reckless said...

one: conclusively proved that it's not jenna. although we can all dream.

but this, this made me think of you. oh, i love you, nation of brazil. may your universities flourish and your graphic designers never realize what that looks like.