i realize i'm an ass about keeping in touch with old friends.

i don't know why this is. if i had to speculate i would say, at least at this point in my life, that most of the events that transpire are discrete sections of overlapping storylines, and when summoned ('unpaused'?... can we dig that?) things pick up pretty much where they left off. my assumption is that people do not fundamentally change, so therefore my relationships with people do not fundamentally change. but the subtle weathering of unshared experiences tends to move people in different directions, and being continuously aware of myself, i feel like many of these people are drifting away.

perhaps the real tragedy is that i don't see myself doing much at all right now but drinking, watching baseball, fucking off to the beach, and saving money while the hoi polloi pulls their shit together; med school, law school, marriage, kids... good for them, though, it's something to be damn proud of, and pretty exciting if you ask me. many of them have happy, happy dogs, which just makes me insanely jealous because i have no dogs.

on the other hand, i'm 99% sure i'm exaggerating, and life is pretty terrific for me these days, and i suppose i could get a happy dog, and it's a fantastic beach day today, and there are still a few
girls out there waiting to take my picture, and drinking in moderation helps ward off heart disease, and the fish are biting, and barbecue keeps the mosquitos away...

i might just say that things aren't half bad.


reg said...

a happy dog is all you really need in life. and, all friends considered, you do a darn good job keeping in touch. i can always count on you to pick up just where we left off. while that may involve packets of hot sauce exploding on my windshield, it is a very comforting fact, indeed. thanks!

killerbravs said...

Your incredibly dead-on observation of the "subtle weathering of unshared experiences" is, like, the essence of my quiet yet powerful rebellion. If I weren't Catholic, Kurt Vonnegut would be my religion. I look at relationships in terms of the good word of "Cat's Cradle." We're all in the same karass. That said, I have a similar high-schooler drive-by incident. A station wagon full of hormonal boys was passing me one day after work. I was not in the mood and after much harassing on their part I released all of my my pent-up-cat-calling rage whilst screaming--"What the f*** do you want from me?" A middle finger salute followed, naturally. The point is, baby, I'll take a picture of you anytime!

J said...

from what i've seen, as is apparent from the number of friends you have on friendster, you seem to do quite well at balancing friendships over time. it is a great trait that many people don't have.