i like nicole richie way better than paris hilton.


J said...

there are probably many reasons that nicole outranks paris, but i have a feeling that one of those many reasons could be the fact that there is still an air of mystery to her sex life. we've all seen paris's tourist attractions on film (and i am not referring to the eiffel tower) and have been over stimulated with stories about her dogs, fashion, body, men and lifestyle. all this time, nicole ritchie has shared some of the spotlight but kept a reasonble distance from annoying.
i must also say that i personally find her refreshing compared to most celebs these days. she admits to what she's done and doesn't make excuses for it or blame it on the media. i guess she's pretty cute too.

A said...

so... you just like her cos her dad's mad hot and a lyrical genius?
"Say it together... naturally"