two very important things have happened in the last couple of days that i would like to discuss in this post, 1) it became clear that carl rove was involved in exposing Valerie Plame as a CIA agent and 2) i had a close encounter with my favorite italian chef ('dream woman' might accurately be applied, as well), Giada de Laurentiis. since it's early tuesday morning and i can't be bothered to dive into political analysis, i'll focus on the latter.


that was just a little too warm and fuzzy for my usual tuesday morning but, nevertheless, one must take pleasure in the simple passions in life, yes?

then again, there will always be villains in this world that deserve equal attention. wax on, wax off. before i get carried away, let me tell you that i believe deep down in my heart that carl rove is a very keen, very astute deputy chief of staff, and very conscious of his own agenda (to the extent that his agenda and the executive agenda run together is a topic for another sunny day). i also sense carl rove is a man who believes very deeply in the breaking-eggs-to-make-an-omelet philosophy, and that, in his mind, he exists to 'rescue' a united states from whatever evil is on the plate today (moral destruction, 'terror,' what have you). but that's just my opinion, so take whatever i say with a big, fat, gritty grain of kosher salt...

it was the rove email to Time reporter Matthew Cooper in which he states "it was (former ambassador Joseph) Wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on WMD..." that revealed Plame's position in the CIA. rove's lawer, rober luskin, mantains the deputy chief of staff was not aware Plame was an undercover agent, though luskin does not deny Plame's identity was compromised by the email. logically, there are two conclusions that one can derive from these facts:

1) carl rove is a big, fat, stupid-head and he does not have a strong grasp of US politics and policy
2) carl rove deliberately provided information concerning Plame's position in the CIA

either is possible, but i personally don't believe a shrewd politician like carl rove would make such a mistake. if you're interested enough to read this far and not saunter off to the latest and greatest of Brangelina news, you'll know full well that the white house is no friend of Plame or her husband, and that that convenience of these events is a bit hard to swallow... at least for a cynic such as myself...

then again, as i stood waiting for the midnight train to somerville last night, i found myself wondering what it would be like to know the current white house agenda in its entirety, and how horrifying that knowledge would be. it's discouraging, but deep down i know i can just turn on the Food Network at 1:30 and make it all better.

focus on the positive and tomorrow won't seem like such a big goddamn clusterfuck, no?


Nik said...

Although your words have warmed my heart like a nice big bowl of freshly-made polenta, surely you don't believe that GL's warm words were in any way exaggerated?!? I simply passed along the message as dictated straight from her hot, Italian lips. ;)

I will, however, take you up on that Pepsi shot and raise you a Tab.(Be sure to check out the NYT's article on Rove today. It has some nice coverage on how Rove's "mistaken" leak to the mass media is "not criminal," yet some chick who gave similar information to her boyfriend back in the 80's was very swiftly convicted. Always good to see democracy at work!) Go Sox!

J said...

Nik, I miss you. You have made quite an impression on our dear Ry. He has asked me numerous times now if I thought you would make out with him. :)