mmmkay... so scott mcclellan (et. al.) maintains carl rove was merely trying to steer le' conversation away from former ambassador wilson when he revealed wilson's wife worked for the CIA, and that he should be exonerated for this great service to national security and, indeed, the great american way of life...

i may just be smoking the fruity crack here, but isn't that statement, by definition, implicative of rove's illegal revelation?

keep your eyes on this one. i give it 1000000:1 odds the white house shuffles down the 'ol potomac two-step on this issue, but does anyone really believe the CIA is all that happy with rove right now? sounds like a made-for-History-Channel movie where they end the program with a floating picture of carl rove in a happy, smiling place, but the music suggests there are so many unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions surrounding rove's unexplained disappearance...


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