the u.s. curling team nabbed a bronze medal today which, by my count, is a first, but let's look a little closer at our blue collar hero, skip Pete Fenson, over there.

6'1" and 165 pounds. owns a couple of nice pizza joints in Bemidji and Brainerd, Minnesota.

sort of gives you hope, doesn't it?

i'm pretty psyched about how things turned out, and i'm pretty bummed that it's going to take another 4 years until any television station anywhere in (the warm half of) this country will ever broadcast a curling game ever.

but, whatever. we sure did have a wild ride, didn't we pete? yeaaaa....

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Peteski Weteski said...

we sure did.

sorry, i'd write more but i'm in kind of a fog today - i call it the 'i just got back from mardi gras' fog.