aw man, this day just keeps getting better and better. i just got home and my apartment smells like beer... yesterday sam and i brewed up a nice, tasty batch of bavarian triple-fermented lager, and those little yeast-ies are going to town on the 2.173 cups of sugar we dumped in there. they're like our little pets; seamonkeys that get us loaded. that smell is just magical... reminds me of county stadium (aka miller park post-20th century). my dad and i used to brew beer when i lived at home, so now our little corner of boston's got that cozy, alcoholic, warm-christmas-y, feeling. ahhhhhh....
speaking of good news, much love to my girl Casey for getting into med school this week... don't know how you kids do it these days.
Q: why does TNT always play The Mummy on sunday afternoon?

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