i'm on my way out the door, but i wanted to give you a cool test. if you know who this is, you're cool, otherwise you are certainly un-cool and none of the popular girls will talk to you:

Got me a movie
Ha ha ha hoa
Slicing up eyeballs
Ha ha ha hoa
Girlie so groovie
Ha ha ha hoa
Don't know about you
But I am un chien Andalusia

one million bonus points if you just screamed "ha ha ha hoa," all wild and googly-eyed. ...which was the entire point of this exercise... i know at least one of you did. hell, i just did, and i'm at work for fuck sake. wheeeeee!

one billion points if you can tell me what 'un chien Andalusia' is and what it should be. no fair peeking you cheating, cheating bastards. if you cheat, no cool girls will talk to you, and you'll have to start smoking to be popular again... but you'll only be popular with the goth kids, so don't cheat.


neilio said...

Um, I had to watch a totally ridiculous French film in college that had an eyeball getting sliced open called "Un Chien Andelou." I remember nothing about it other than that and the nausea that persisted for days.

Do I get at least partial credit? For the nausea?

R said...

full credit... nausea counts for bonus points.

Peter said...

we must assume that senor black has every intention for his lyrics to 'mean something,' even if that something is simply a reference to a weird french film. he also digs mexican hardcore, although i'm not really sure what that means... wrestling with masks? mexico city punk music? heh, pixies rule. 'got a tattooed tit, say no. 13... baaaaaaabaaaaay!'