just me tonight... had one of those spectacular nights i have from now and again where i feel that trite, silly, silly connection between all living things and (duh) myself... thinking of how life is like a maze of doors and they all open from the side you're on- thinking about how i love riding the last T and seeing all the lovers and drunken strike-out-ers on the train, running home to be with eachother, or running home to be alone, or running home to run away from the sun... someday, hey, we'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun... when things'll be brighter. the five stairsteps taking me back home... the music lifting up the scene to a height, man, i never felt like that before... before i came here, child. it's a toast night. a toast to the people who made me me- a toast to Nilay, to Regina, to Neil - too Ann, who promised me we'd be together if her love, her life love fades out, if it fades we'll open it up - we'll put it together and we'll get it undone. to the people who should never know they made me stay, who made it worth the trouble- to Mike to Evan to Chris, the emperor ego himself, the tribe, the darkness - to Lauren, my heartstumping love, when the world is much brighter, for love that ain't so burning, for a sister. my first family of soul. for Pete the spirit of the west in me, the spirit of wolves and fire and wild.... the waves break over you in laughter, in perpetual joy and freedom, in the wind, the wind of my soul. for Michelle my queen, my goddess, my true north. you're still the one by which i chart my course... to J my child. rest your bones, kid. to the Mustang, the bullet, the 88mph, to the 68, to the FOUR, to the Treetops.
that's all i got for tonight.


reckless said...

that's the best senior page i've ever read.

love you dude.

ps. do you ever get the feeling that our destiny is to one day repurchase treetops and spend like a month a year there, with babes? i do.

neilio said...

don't foreget maus. and yolly yolly bob from aberdeen.

cheers, my friend.